Start doing auto repairs yourself

Auto repairs

“What tools do I need for doing auto repairs, and what tasks should I start with?” is a question often heard by people wanting to start doing their own repairs..  It isn’t easy to answer such a question, but I will try my best to do so in this blogpost.

What tools do I need

Even the best mechanic in the world, needs a set of tools. However, what tools do you need? I believe this can be defined by the three questions below.

What auto repair do you plan to do?

First of all, what auto repair do you plan doing? This is directly related to what tools you need. Thoroughly inspect the part itself, and area around it if possible before starting.  A part is mounted to your auto using a variety of methods. Examples are bolts, nuts, glue, or hose clamps.
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Wrenching fails – My personal top 5 list

Wrenching fails are the worst.

Wrenching fails are extremely annoying. You start doing something, and end up having to spend more time and money to fix it again because you broke something while working. Maybe you filled gas instead of diesel, or maybe you had to wait a week for that new oring that you broke during disassembly when you actually need your car in the morning.

Covered in this article are the top 5 wrenching fails that I have made during my mechanical career that cost me time, money, or both. When it comes to DIY Mechanics, you sometimes have to fail in order to learn. Learn from my wrenching fails.

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