What is a socket wrench, and how does it work?


A socket wrench is a tool used for tightening, or loosening a bolt. It is a wrench, with a given size socket at the end of it. With a regular wrench, you have to physically lift the wrench and readjust it back to your starting position. With a socket wrench, this can be done without lifting the ratchet or socket at all due to a special locking mechanism found in the ratchet head.

Using a socket wrench is quicker, and less troublesome than using a regular wrench.  Ratchets also has the advantage of having a better handle than a wrench, and comes in different lenghts. Length directly correlates to the amount of torque you can apply(Longer = more torque), making it easier to use the correct one for your application.
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Pliers – Which types exist, and how to use them


TL;DR at the bottom. Also, ctrl+f to search for the wanted plier.

Pliers are simple, but extremely useful tools for any mechanic.  The idea of a plier is very simple, which is to give the mechanic a way to hold or bend an object. Pliers give a mechanical advantage above using your bare hands, by allowing more strength and precision to be applied.

Many types of pliers exists, and created to complete a certain task. Most pliers are created using the same basic idea, which is to intertwine two levers of a certain length to gain mechanical advantage. Found at the end are jaws that allow the pliers to gain greater grip on an item. Other types of jaws exist, and are covered further down the article.

Longer levers equals more torque, and thicker levers allows a better and stronger grip. Thin levers may hurt your hands.
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How to use a wrench

I never thought that I could use a wrench wrong. After several rounded bolts through my time, I googled “How to use a wrench” with several interesting results telling me how I had been wrong all my life. In this article, we will talk about the regular wrench, with one open, and one closed end.

Oh, and a TL;DR can be found at the bottom.


But lets start out with the basics. A wrench is used to apply more torque to a bolt or nut, than you could do with your bare hands. Always make sure that your wrench is fully seated on the bolt or nut before applying torque.
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